From cozy dives to romantic elegance, you can find all types of cuisine in your community. The county’s strong Italian, German, and various Eastern European cooking traditions make their way into beloved pastas, pierogis, and pizza. And at the end of a long week, wind down and enjoy entertainment and delicious brews at one of several locally owned bars, breweries, or wineries.

Fish Fries

The Laurel Highlands is one of only a few regions in the United States that celebrates the Catholic Lenten tradition of fish fries. Each Friday during Lent our church basements, restaurants and fire halls start dropping baskets of hot oil for a community celebration of deep-fried goodness. Whether you’re a fish fry aficionado or are a guppy new to the tradition, we invite you to try a local fish fry by using this guide to locations, dishes and gatherings near you! We think you’ll agree that this tradition is quite the catch.

Take Out

Almost all restaurants in the region offer take out options, especially with the ease of online ordering. Nothing beats a locally made pizza and a refreshing six-pack when you just don’t feel like cooking!

Sit Down

Whether you want a family friendly atmosphere or an adults-only haven, our local restaurants offer indoor and outdoor seating with friendly staff and even better food. There’s always deals to be found on restaurant social media pages, so make sure to do your research before heading out for the day, and take advantage of numerous local specials.

Link for both take out and sit down:

The Laurel Highlands Pour Tour

Embark on a self-guided journey to discover the story and people behind every craft beverage in the Laurel Highlands.

Enjoying Laurel Highlands beer, wine and spirits has never been more fun! Grab your official Laurel Highlands Passport and collect stickers as you enjoy the wines, ciders, moonshine, meads and craft brews found throughout the scenic Laurel Highlands. Then, cash in your sticker collection for must-have Laurel Highlands Pour Tour collectibles!